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Results from the Swedish Early Psoriatic Arthritis Register (SwePsA) A Nilsson, M Wiig, H Alnehill, M Berggren, S Björnum, M Geijer, P Kopylov, C Sollerman Fågelhjärtats rop när natten kommer. Kategori. Gotland; Lyrik. Textförfattare Sollerman Vera. Artikelnummer 9789186103651. Ring för pris  Zeleznik, C. Sollerman, and L. Moy, F. Ponzo, M. Murphy-Walcott, A. Deans, Athletics: Check the latest news, schedules and scores for the SCF athletic teams. Five-year results of a randomised controlled trial.

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This factor is 2 if the injury is located on the index finger or small finger rays, 3 if it is located on the middle finger or ring finger rays, and 6 if it is located on the thumb ray. Sollerman scores were highly correlated between dominant and non-dominant hands (rs=0.69, p<000005). Hand dysfunction is a common finding among patients undergoing long term haemodialysis. s=−0.34, p<0.05), and JAMAR score (r s=0.57, p<0.05).

Fifty-nine tetraplegic patients were evaluated using the test before reconstructive surgery to their hands. stand if he has to (yields a lower test score), and that a free choice of grip is allowed.

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2001-03-01 The purpose of the study was to describe the outcome after hand injury from powered wood splitters, and to investigate the relation between injury severity and outcome. Injury severity was rated ac Results: The median Sollerman score was 75.5 (range 31-80). The median hand FTP distance was 2.91 (0.88-6.69) cm, grip strength was 31 (4-71) kg, and DASH score was 28.77 (0-76.47).

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Each subtest is scored on a five-point scale (04) (fig 3), with a maximum − score of 80 points for the dominant hand. 2004-09-01 · The mean improvement in Sollerman score and the mean corrections at the MCPJ and the PIPJ at 6 and 12 months are shown in Table 3. The Sollerman score improved from a preoperative mean of 72.8 to 78.03 at 6 months. This improvement was maintained at 12 months when a mean score of 77.09 was noted.

Sollerman score

This is the Gleason score, a rating system used for cancer cells found in the prostate.
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Injury severity was rated ac 2004-09-01 Sollerman scores were highly correlated between dominant and non-dominant hands (rs=0.69, p<000005). Hand dysfunction is a common finding among patients undergoing long term haemodialysis. 2010-11-01 The test results (grip, ROM, Sollerman score) in three patients with amputated thumbs were not found to differ greatly from those with replanted thumbs. These results raise the question of whether the Sollerman test underestimates the importance of the thumb or whether the thumb is … The mean Sollerman score improved from 71 (out of 80) pre-operatively to 77 post-operatively. There was a significant correlation between the degree of deformity and the Sollerman score, and also between the improvement in deformity after surgery, and the Sollerman score.

A score is 20. Although people don’t use the term much anymore, you can find examples of it in literature and history.
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DASH and Sollerman test scores after hand injury from powered

2016-10-01 · The sum score ranges between 0 and 12 points for each hand, where a score of 12 indicates normal dexterity . Table 1 . The scoring of the modified Sollerman Hand Function Test The scale was strongly correlated with the Sollerman test and the ASIA motor score.