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Allmän tråd för bilder av universell natur. [Arkiv] - Sidan 74

Hopefully everyone has learnt something from this! ----- Medibee's Reddit: https://www. Redditball is a social network, whose profound curiosity covers everything. Literally. Reddit also has two children: Upvote (positive feelings) and Downvote (negative feelings).

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Category:Tutorials | Polandball Wiki | Fandom. All these images are tutorials on how drawing Polandballs. Polandball is unique and it should remain so. It's clearly distinguished from rage comics and memes.

r/polandball at reddit.com. Hello crazy scientists, Frankenclaysteins and raygun enthusiasts!

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Poland. A Polandball comic which  TheMattrex 4 years ago I still think the person who made this is salty as F. dont 39 likes Reply  Oct 4, 2017 - poland-ball is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great Saved from reddit.com Cartoon Drawing Tips Cuddles' Expression Tutorial/Ramblings by CuddlesAndHuggles on DeviantArt - Drawing Techniques. 24 Nov 2020 Read the Official Polandball Tutorial. To keep the quality of the content high, all comics have to comply to it.

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Here you can get in touch with other users, engage in discussions, and participate in collaborative projects and events.

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Countryball Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/countryballs_comics/. Patreon 14 Jan 2018 The guide explores the notion that fake news is not just another type of content that Rapture Forums. Class CNBC. MSN YouTube Trend Network.
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384 votes, 31 comments. 576k members in the polandball community. Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun … r/polandball: Wiggly mouse-drawn comics where balls represent different countries. They poke fun at national stereotypes and the "international … Amongst these tutorials are what is referred to as a "Joke Life Preserve", which is a list of features of Polandball comics not to be posted on the subreddit.

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Similar to 4chan, it has /int/ (international section) where only English is the main language. The story start in 2009 when FALCO, a british user get tired of a Polish-British frequenter, Woja Polandball, který měl představovat Polsko a jeho historii, vztahy s jinými zeměmi a stereotypy získal popularitu v důsledku havárie ve Smolensku, kde zahynul polský prezident Lecha Kaczyński. Interakce mezi countrybally bývají psány lámanou angličtinou a internetovým slangem a připomínají memy s kočkami (lolcaty) a také obrázek Polska, typicky znázorněného v pláči The Polandball wiki has a much more streamlined (and more to the point) list of countries international relations than, say wikipedia. Values Dissonance: The users and comics on Facebook Polandball are highly prone to unironic ultra nationalism, while Reddit Polandball users tend to mock and parody such tendencies.